New to the Case?

EAR? ONS? GSK? The Basics!

An introduction to the crimes and the criminal, as well as some information about why this site exists and what needs to be done.

The Physical Evidence that Ties these Cases Together

DNA, paint, shoe size, and the perpetrator's non-secretor status is pretty much the only thing we have to go by when it comes to tying some of these crimes together definitively.

The M.O. Ties Together The Rest

The unique way that the EARONS operated, including some of the bizarre actions he performed, the way he spoke, and various other things make it easier to identify which crimes were probably the EARONS and which crimes actually might not be.

A Word About the Nature of these Crimes

When analyzing the case it's easy to forget that we're talking about rape and murder--things that destroy lives. A few reminders.

What's Next?

You've got your bearings, so where do you go from here? What are some of the best resources for you to look at?

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