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10/18/1976View/DownloadThere's not much information about this but according to PortofLeith, this is a composite of a suspicious man in Carmichael who boarded a bus and told the driver he lived on La Riviera Drive. It's associated with Attack #7.Attack #7Composite
10/18/1976View/DownloadA second version of the above.Attack #7Composite
11/04/1976View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Man Hunted as Suspect In 8 Rapes. Discusses the first public information on the attacks.Attacks 1-8Article
11/08/1976View/DownloadThere's not much information about this, but according to the EARONS Composite wordpress, this composite is purpotedly from a suspicious person on Bourbon Drive on November 8th, 1976. It's not associate with any attack, although #4 happened nearby two months earlier and #13 happens nearby three months later. This composite was made just as news articles about EARONS were starting to finally appear.Composite
11/10/1976View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Fear Grips Serene Neighborhoods.Attacks 1-8Article
01/19/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Glenbrook Housewife is Raped.Attack #11Article
01/22/1977View/DownloadThis is possibly from a sighting of a suspicious man in a backyard two days before Attack #12. More information on the attack page.Attack #12Composite
01/24/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rapist Strikes Again, 14th Time in 15 Months (Sacramento Bee).Attack #12Article
02/07/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Attacks? 15th Assault.Attack #13Article
02/17/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Lurker Shoots Youth.Ripon Ct.Article
02/17/1977View/DownloadRipon Ct Composite #1Ripon Ct.Composite
02/17/1977View/DownloadRipon Ct Composite #2Ripon Ct.Composite
03/08/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rape May Be Linked to Series.Attack #14Article
03/03/1977View/DownloadThis composite is most likely of a suspicious person seen prowling near Eastwood Rd and Woodcrest Rd, which is close to Attack #14. A suspicious car had been parked on Thornwood Dr, which is nearby. One source (Archangel) puts the source of this composite in May 1977 though, which is a couple months after Attack #14.Attack #14Composite
03/18/1977View/DownloadThe only person known to have seen EARONS' face is the victim from Attack #15 (more details on the attack page). Shelby describes what she saw: "A man with wide eyes and a wide mouth wearing a ski mask. This is exactly what she saw when she looked at him. Nothing identifying at all," and "She said he had a young round face, putting his age in the late teens to early 20's."Attack #15Composite
03/18/1977View/DownloadAnother composite made from attack #15. Looks very similar to the Ripon Ct. composite and may be by the same artist.Attack #15Composite
03/20/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rapist Hits 17th Victim.Attack #15Article
03/20/1977View/DownloadSacramento Union: 'East Side Rapist' Suspected AgainAttack #15Article
03/20/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Locks Itself Up in Fear as Crime Soars.Article
04/15/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: 18th Rape Victim in East Area.Attack #17Article
05/03/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rapist Makes 19th Attack After Binding Victim, Mate.Attack #18Article
05/05/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist attacks 20th Victim in Orangevale.Attack #19Article
05/15/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Attacks 22nd Victim at Home.Attack #16, Attack #20Article
05/17/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Attacks No. 23 Next Victims Die Tonight?Attack #21Article
05/17/1977View/DownloadThis was the first sketch released to the public for general circulation. Officials later said it was not very representative of what EAR probably looked like.Composite
05/17/1977View/DownloadThis prowler was seen a few hours after Attack #21, prowling near American River College several blocks north of Attack #21. Is the resemblence between the March 1977 sketch because the prowlers looked so much alike or because the same artist was used?Attack #21Composite
05/18/1977View/DownloadVisalia Times-Delta: Police Seeking To Link Rapist, Snelling Slayer.Visalia RansackerArticle
05/19/1977View/DownloadVisalia Times-Delta: Links to Rapist Still Sought.Visalia RansackerArticle
05/20/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: CBers Cautioned...Volunteer Patrols Could Hamper Rapist Search.Article
05/22/1977View/DownloadSF Examiner: Rapist's Reign of Terror has Sacramento in a PanicArticle
05/28/1977View/DownloadAttack #22 had many sightings of suspicious activity. Their hair color was described as brown and also as closer to blonde. The date is approximate.Attack #22Composite
05/29/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Hits South; Victim, 24.Attack #22Article
05/31/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Static Develops on Rapist Patrol from Other CBers.Attack #22Article
06/17/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: No News Gag on Rapist Attacks.Article
07/02/1977View/DownloadSacramento Union: East Area Rapist Hunt Narrows.Article
08/17/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Clue to Rapist at Last?Afraid LetterArticle
09/06/1977View/DownloadA six-year old girl encountered the EAR in her home. She was able to give a very detailed description, some of it coming from a hyposis session.Attack #23Composite
09/06/1977View/DownloadA different view.Attack #23Composite
09/06/1977View/DownloadAnother view.Attack #23Composite
09/06/1977View/DownloadA sketch showing some detail of the accessories.Attack #23Composite
09/07/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Police Certain East Area Rapist Struck in Stockton.Attack #23Article
09/10/1977View/DownloadStockton Terror... East Area Rapist Attack Spurs Handgun, Lock Sales.Article
10/01/1977View/DownloadThis man was seen leaving the area after the attack (Point Reyes Way before La Riviera). The notes associated with this sketch say "BLND", probably meaning that the hair was blonde.Attack #24Composite
10/02/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Returns to District, Assaults Teen-Aged Girl in Duplex.Article
10/03/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Police Believe Rapist is Toying with Them.Attack #24Article
10/03/1977View/DownloadSacramento Union: New Rapist Attacks Bring No Big Clues.Attack #24Article
10/08/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rape Investigation... A Cloud Over 5,000 Local Citizens?Article
10/21/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rapist Gets 25th Victim; Foothill Farms.Attack #25Article
10/28/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Everything Tried to Catch Rapist.Article
10/30/1977View/DownloadSacramento Union: Couple Terrorized by East Area Rapist.Attack #26Article
11/02/1977View/DownloadSeminar on Rapist.Mira Loma MeetingArticle
11/03/1977View/DownloadSacramento Union: Rapist's Skill is Called Key; Detective Says Law Now Needs Luck to Catch HimArticle
11/10/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Attacks Girl, 13; Number 27.Attack 27Article
12/04/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Noise May Have Curbed East Rapist.Attack #28Article
12/04/1977View/DownloadSacramento Union: Teen-Age Boys Scare Off Rapist.Attack #28Article
12/06/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Friday's Threat Laid to East Rapist.Attack #27, Attack #28Article
12/17/1977View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Some Wear Rapist on Their Chest.T-ShirtsArticle
01/21/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Southland Suspect Quizzed, But is Not East Area Rapist.Article
01/21/1978View/DownloadAP/Sacramento Union: Newport Beach Suspect Isn't Sacramento Rapist.Article
01/28/1978View/DownloadAround the time of Attack #29, this man was seen on a bicycle nearby on College View Way, near American River College. Noted as young (18-25), wearing a maroon or purple windbreaker with Levis. Possibly wearing a wig?Attack #29Composite
01/30/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Rapist Assaults Teen Sisters.Attack #29Article
02/04/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Deputies Report No Leads in Rancho Cordova Killings.MaggioreArticle
02/05/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rapist Warned in Rhyme.Article
02/16/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: 2 Suspected in Slayings.MaggioreArticle
02/16/1978View/DownloadOriginal Maggiore CompositesMaggioreComposite
03/17/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Officers Return to Murder Scene Hunting for Clues.MaggioreArticle
03/19/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Rapist in Stockton.Attack #30Article
03/29/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Attacks His 32nd Victim.Article
03/30/1978View/DownloadSacramento Union: Rancho Cordovan is East Area Rapist Victim.Article
04/16/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Witness Aids Police Artists with Descriptions of Killer.MaggioreArticle
04/16/1978View/DownloadRevised Maggiore CompositeMaggioreComposite
04/16/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Rapist Kicks in Door, Attacks Sitter in South Area.Attack #31Article
05/22/1978View/DownloadNew West Magazine: Terror in Sacramento Bay Area.Article
06/07/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Strikes in Modesto: $1,500 Taken.Attack #32Article
06/07/1978View/DownloadSacramento Union: East Area Rapist Strikes in Modesto.Attack #32Article
06/22/1978View/DownloadInformation from PortofLeith: Two days before EAR attacked on 6/24/78 on Rivendell Lane (in Davis), this man was seen on nearby Shire Lane when a woman noticed him in her yard, peering into various windows.Attack #35Composite
06/24/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist's 35th Attack in Modesto.Attack #34Article
06/27/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rapist Credited with 2 Attacks.Attack #33, Attack #35Article
06/28/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Rapist Continues Stepped up Series of Attacks, Returns to East Area.CopycatArticle
07/07/1978View/DownloadSacramento Union: East Area Rapist Hits Davis Again.Attack #36Article
07/07/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Returns to Davis, Assaults Mother.Attack #36Article
07/12/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Davis Council Session on Rapist Draws 400.Article
10/14/1978View/DownloadSacramento Union: Area Rapist Strikes in Concord.Attack #37, Attack #38Article
10/14/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Two Concord Rapes in Week Ascribed to East Area Rapist.Attack #37, Attack #38Article
10/21/1978View/DownloadSacramento Union: Concord Girds against Rapist but No New Leads Reported.Attack #37, Attack #38Article
10/21/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Police Say Money Won't Find Rapist.Attack #37, Attack #38Article
10/24/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Still Baffles Police.CopycatArticle
11/01/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist in San Ramon?Attack #39Article
11/02/1978View/DownloadSacramento Union: East Area Rapist Blamed for Attack.Attack #39Article
11/07/1978View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Assault in San Ramon Blamed on East Area Rapist.Attack #39Article
12/10/1978View/DownloadContra Costa Times: Rape's Aftermath Raises Issue of Suburban Safety.Attack #39Article
03/14/1979View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Police Try to Link Bludgeon Murders.OtherArticle
04/06/1979View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Hits in FremontAttack #44Article
05/16/1979View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Woman Found Bludgeoned to Death in Her Apartment.OtherArticle
06/13/1979View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Danville Woman Latest Victim of Capital's East Area Rapist.Attack #46Article
06/26/1979View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Attacks 13-Year Old.Attack #47Article
06/28/1979View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Hitchhiking Slaying Suspect Arrested: Man Linked to 3 Santa Barbara Killings in '76-77.OtherArticle
10/09/1979View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Slayings of 7 Women to Be Focus of Probe.OtherArticle
10/10/1979View/DownloadGoleta Valley News: Sheriff's Blotter: Monday/ Oct. 1. First news of Goleta attack.ONS #1Article
12/31/1979View/DownloadSanta Barbara News-Press: Goleta Valley Doctor, Woman Found Slain.ONS #2Article
01/09/1980View/DownloadGoleta Valley News: No Arrests Yet in Double MurderONS #2Article
01/27/1980View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: Homicides Up Sharply in County During '79Article
02/16/1980View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Link to East Area Rapist Probed in Couples' SlayingONS #2Article
03/13/1980View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Police Debate Tie Between East Area Rapist, KillingsONS #1, ONS #2Article
03/17/1980View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Pair Fatally BludgeonedONS #3Article
03/17/1980View/DownloadVentura County Star: Lawyer, Wife Found Slain in Ventura HomeONS #3Article
03/17/1980View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: Lawyer, Wife Found Slain in Ventura HomeONS #3Article
03/18/1980View/DownloadVentura County Star: Police Mum about Leads in Slaying of Lawyer, WifeONS #3Article
03/19/1980View/DownloadVentura County Star: Smiths were Slain as They SleptONS #3Article
03/22/1980View/DownloadVentura County Star: Smiths Eulogized, 350 Attend Services for Slain CoupleONS #3Article
04/09/1980View/DownloadVentura County Star: Smith Murder Case: No Leads, No Suspects, NothingONS #3Article
05/22/1980View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist's Mimicker StrikesArticle
08/23/1980View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Young Couple Murdered in Niguel Shores. Article
09/19/1980View/DownloadLost Angeles Times: Families of Slain Couple offer $25,000 to Find KillerArticle
02/09/1981View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Irvine Task Force to Probe Death of WomanArticle
06/15/1981View/DownloadSacramento Bee: When Terror Reigned: East Area RapistArticle
07/28/1981View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: Two Found Slain in Goleta; Case Similar to One in '79Article
07/29/1981View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Tie Hinted in Pair of Goleta MurdersArticle
07/30/1981View/DownloadSanta Maria Times and Goleta Voice: Double Murder in Goleta May be Linked to '79 KillingsArticle
07/30/1981View/DownloadGoleta Valley News: Two Found Slain in GoletaArticle
07/31/1981View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: Information Withheld in Killings- for ReasonArticle
08/02/1981View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: Investigators Study Orange, Ventura County Slayings: Hunt for Clues in Goleta Murders Article
08/02/1981View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: 'Night Stalker' Theory Connecting Eight Southland Slayings Disputed. Article
08/06/1981View/DownloadGoleta Valley News: Goleta Murders: Sheriff's Department Seeks LinkArticle
09/05/1981View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Police Seek Man for Rape of Six Women in Five CitiesArticle
08/14/1983View/DownloadSacramento Bee: East Area Rapist Sought 5 Years Later Article
09/15/1983View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: 4 Assaults in 24 hours Stir Fear in Irvine.Article
09/17/1983View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Arrests Made in 2 Sexual Assault Cases. Rapes are Unrelated to Rash of Attacks in Irvine, Authorities Say.Article
09/18/1983View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Opinion: Rapes in Irvine Shatter an IllusionArticle
09/18/1983View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Rapes Spur Change in Celebrated Irvine Life StyleArticle
04/05/1984View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Role In Rape Case Tied To Pay ClaimArticle
06/15/1984View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: $25,000 Reward Posted in Two Goleta MurdersArticle
07/17/1984View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Man Held in Laguna Hills Nurse's DeathArticle
11/17/1984View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Baby Sitter, 25, is Found Dead in Santa AnaArticle
01/25/1985View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Santa Ana Man Held in Torture and Murder of Disabled Baby SitterArticle
03/20/1986View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Job Corps Offers New Opportunity Youths Get Chance to Learn Trades, Finish High SchoolArticle
05/09/1986View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: IrvineArticle
06/24/1986View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: IrvineArticle
03/10/1987View/DownloadOrange County Register: Murder, Rape Charges Dropped in Irvine Woman's DeathArticle
08/07/1987View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Murderer Gets Death Verdict in Santa Ana CaseArticle
01/17/1988View/DownloadOrange County Register: For Police, OC's Unsolved Murders Have Life of their OwnArticle
03/17/1988View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Case Not ClosedArticle
03/27/1988View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Story on Rapist Angers SomeArticle
07/25/1988View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Police Still Seeking Leads in '79 Bludgeon KillingsArticle
11/11/1988View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Orange County's Oldest Unsolved HomicidesArticle
11/11/1988View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Police Files Remain Open on These More Baffling Slayings in CountyArticle
05/17/1989View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Ex-Marine Pleads Guilty to Avoid 2nd Trial in '79 SlayingArticle
09/27/1989View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Security Boom in Orange County Gated Communities: False Sense of Safety?Article
09/04/1990View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Investigators Haunted by Murders Past MysteriesArticle
03/21/1993View/DownloadSacramento Bee: 'Ear' Still At Large 70s Rape Cases Vex Retiring DetectiveArticle
12/20/1995View/DownloadOrange County Register: DA's Target: Ghosts of Murders PastArticle
11/28/1999View/DownloadOrange County Register: Four Unsolved Orange County MurdersArticle
10/01/2000View/DownloadOrange County Register: DNA May Point to Serial Killer in the Area. CRIME: Orange County Detectives Believe One Psychopath Killed at Least 10 People, Beginning in 1979Article
10/01/2000View/DownloadOrange County Register: Husband of 1981 Victim Feels Vindicated, But Not Lucky. CRIME: David Witthuhn is No Longer a Suspect, but Old Memories Still Cause Him Pain.Article
10/03/2000View/DownloadVentura County Star: Serial Killer Has Area LinkArticle
10/03/2000View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: California and the West; DNA Tests Link Slayings in 3 Counties; Crimes: Authorities Believe Serial Killer May Have Committed 10 Murders in Orange, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties Between 1979 and 1986Article
10/03/2000View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: Serial Link Explored in Old Murders: Goleta, Orange County Cases SimilarArticle
10/05/2000View/DownloadLos Angeles Times: Hope, Pain for Murder Victims' Families; Crime: Loved Ones Respond as DNA Evidence Revives Probe of O.C. Serial Killings Dating Back 20 YearsArticle
10/08/2000View/DownloadVentura County Star: DNA Findings Throw New Light on Old CaseArticle
04/04/2001View/DownloadSan Francisco Chronicle: DNA Links '70s Rapes to Serial Slaying Cases Unknown Southern California Killer was 'East Area Rapist'Article
04/04/2001View/DownloadOrange County Register: Rapist Linked to O.C. Killings Crime 23-year-old DNA Evidence from Three Bay Area Assaults Could Help Solve Six Homicides Investigated by Local AuthoritiesArticle
04/05/2001View/DownloadSacramento Bee: New Lead Found in Serial Rapes: After Decades, DNA Links the East Area Rapist to Crimes in Orange County.Article
05/24/2001View/DownloadSacramento Bee: New Hope in Hunt for RapistArticle
02/14/2002View/DownloadKCBS Los Angeles: To Catch A Killer: A CBS 2 Special AssignmentArticle
04/10/2002View/DownloadSacramento Bee: DNA Collection Bill Stays Alive Burton May back a Measure Allowing Samples to Be Taken Forcibly from Felons.Article
04/23/2002View/DownloadThe National Examiner: California Couples Killer Quiet Since 1984... But Police Fear He Could Strike Again.Article
04/24/2002View/DownloadKPIX San Francisco: 'Night Stalker' Investigation Linked to Dog-Mauling CaseArticle
04/28/2002View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: DNA Legislation Linked to Local Killings 'Cornfed' Schneider's Refusal to Give Sample Spawns BillArticle
07/03/2002View/DownloadVentura County Star: DNA Tests Clear Convict in Ventura Killings: Paul Schneider Didn't Kill Attorney Lyman Smith, WifeArticle
11/xx/2002View/DownloadVentura County Star: Colleen Cason's "Silent Witness"Article
11/11/2002View/DownloadVentura County Star: Who's Who in the Smith Murder CaseArticle
11/28/2002View/DownloadVentura County Star: Do you know the 'Original Night Stalker'?Article
11/28/2002View/DownloadVentura County Star: The Path of the Original Night StalkerArticle
12/08/2002View/DownloadSanta barbara News-Press: Elusive Bedroom Killer Haunts Detective. Ex-Private Eye Takes New Look at Goleta SlayingsArticle
03/10/2003View/DownloadKNBC Los Angeles: Original Night Stalker: Suspect Believed Responsible For String of AttacksArticle
03/04/2004View/DownloadVentura County Star: Decades-old Cold Case Catches FireArticle
04/27/2006View/DownloadSacramento Bee: Detectives Bring These 'Cold Cases' Back to LifeArticle
10/01/2006View/DownloadRedding Record Searchlight: Killer Linked to Area: Investigator follows Serial Rapist's Trail to Shasta County, Ray CaseArticle
01/12/2007View/DownloadOjai Valley News: On the Trail of a Killer: Ojai Man Uncovers Evidence of Serial Rapist and MurdererArticle
02/08/2007View/DownloadVisalia Times-Delta: Retired Officer Looking to Solve 1975 Cold Case: 'Ransacker' linked to murder, multiple crimesArticle
09/07/2013View/DownloadKSBY Santa barbara: Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office gets new lead on 1981 homicide caseArticle
09/08/2013View/DownloadCBS Sacramento: New Evidence In '70s East Area Rapist Case Could Lead To Possible Suspect ArrestArticle
09/09/2013View/DownloadLA Mag: UPDATE: Investigators Have a New Lead on the Golden State Killer Article
09/13/2013View/DownloadOC Register: Original Night Stalker: Could O.C. clues lead to killer?Article
09/21/2013View/DownloadSac Bee: Investigators explore new leads in effort to identify East Area RapistArticle
06/18/2016View/Download"Moonie Surfer": New composite released by the FBIComposite

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