Holiday Messages for the Task Force


I thought we might try something a little different this year, in the spirit of the season.

I'm compiling messages of gratitude, encouragement, and goodwill from the public (us) to send to investigators, past and present, of the EAR case. There's no denying that their job is dark, difficult, and involves almost constant disappointment. Positive messages at this time of year can go a long way to lift peoples' spirits, and since we all have an interest in solving this case, it might be a nice thing to do.

Using the form below, you can privately enter a message that you’d like them to receive. I'll compile all of them together, package them up nicely, and send them out. Just something light and good-natured. Here's mine:

During this holiday season, I'd just like to personally thank you for all of the hard work, care, and persistence you show throughout the year in your efforts to solve this cold case. I appreciate what you do, I wish you well, and I pray that your work will bring success and resolution. Sincerely, Kat

I know stuff like this is kinda cheesy, but it only takes a few minutes to do something nice for these folks who have a difficult job that we all want them to be successful at!

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