Holiday Messages of Support for Victims/Survivors


I know that a lot of us have been moved and affected by the tragedies involved in this case, and that in our own way, we're part of the advocacy and support system for the people related to it. So I thought we might try a little experiment this year, in the spirit of the season.

I’m compiling messages of support, encouragement, and goodwill from the public to send to the victims/survivors of the case. Positive messages at this time of year can go a long way to lift peoples' spirits, and it's a seasonally-appropriate time for us to show our support.

Please note that I'm only sending this to victims/survivors who have either stepped into the limelight a little bit or have contacted one of us directly, and even then I'm going to make a judgement call or two.

Using the form below, you can privately enter a message that you'd like them to receive, and then I'll compile all of them together, package them up nicely, and send them out. Here’s mine:

During this holiday season, I'd just like to send a message of support for you and your family. Hundreds of us "log on" every day in hopes of doing something to help achieve justice in your case, and many of us are inspired by the courage and advocacy work that so many of you undertake. Wishing you the best over the holidays and throughout the year. -Kat

Please note: because of the sensitive nature of all of this, a small group of us will "screen" the messages for appropriateness before they’re compiled.

I know stuff like this is kinda cheesy, but many us consider ourselves a unique part of a new type of a 21st century style of support system, and I thought it might be a nice thing to try. Thank you!

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