Evidence and Analysis

Attack List Summary: Dates, Cities, Streets

The official, confirmed list of EARONS attack locations taken straight from Law Enforcement and rigorously fact-checked through property records, police reports, phone records, etc. Some of the [...]

Phone Calls Attributed to EARONS

One of the interesting parts of the East Area Rapist's MO was that he seemingly made many, many "hang-up" phone calls to victims, usually in the weeks before an attack but sometimes after. What wasn't as common were the [...]

Ligature Information

One of the primary control methods that the EAR used was ligatures -- usually shoelaces. It also seemed to provide sexual gratification, at least when it came to [...]

DNA Evidence

The EARONS crime spree spans ten years and roughly 60 attacks. Unfortunately, not only has a lot of evidence has been discarded, but the attacks were happening [...]

Paint Evidence

The paint evidence is one of the most significant and most misunderstood pieces of evidence in the EARONS case. Not only does it give a specific clue about a possible profession[...]

Vehicles: The Van

"I need food and money for my van." This phrase was spoken over and over again in EAR attacks. While the mention of a specific vehicle might seem like a red herring, it's interesting to note that[...]

M.O. Analysis: Crying/Sobbing

One of the most curious and surprisingly common aspects of an EAR attack often involved the assailant breaking down into tears and sobbing, sometimes mentioning his mother and sometimes[...]

M.O. Analysis: Bound Hands

Specifically what we're looking at here is the fairly unique M.O. element where the EAR would tell victims to "Play with it". He would often bind his victims' hands very tightly and then forcing them to play with his penis with their hands tied behind their back. It's worth looking at which attacks this peculiar behavior occurred at to see if any patterns emerge.

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