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Below is a complete list of confirmed EARONS attacks, straight from Law Enforcement. We've taken the extra step of verifying all of it through police reports, property records, phone book entries, and victim/witness interviews. Notes regarding some of them can be found at the bottom of the page. The full addresses are not displayed due to privacy concerns.

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The List

Attack #DateCityStreetAttack Page
106/18/76Rancho CordovaPaseo DrSummary and Details
207/17/76CarmichaelMarlborough WySummary and Details
308/29/76Rancho CordovaMalaga WySummary and Details
409/04/76CarmichaelCrestview DrSummary and Details
510/05/76Citrus HeightsWoodpark WySummary and Details
610/09/76Rancho CordovaEl Segundo DrSummary and Details
710/18/76CarmichaelKipling DrSummary and Details
810/18/76Rancho CordovaLos Palos DrSummary and Details
911/10/76Citrus HeightsGreenleaf DrSummary and Details
1012/18/76CarmichaelLadera WySummary and Details
1101/18/77SacramentoGlenville CirSummary and Details
1201/24/77Citrus HeightsPrimrose DrSummary and Details
1302/07/77CarmichaelHeathcliff DrSummary and Details
NA02/16/77SacramentoRipon CtSummary and Details
1403/08/77SacramentoThornwood DrSummary and Details
1503/18/77Rancho CordovaBenny WySummary and Details
1604/02/77OrangevaleRichdale WySummary and Details
1704/15/77CarmichaelCherrelyn WySummary and Details
1805/03/77SacramentoLa Riviera DrSummary and Details
1905/05/77OrangevaleWinterbrook WySummary and Details
2005/14/77Citrus HeightsMerlindale DrSummary and Details
2105/17/77CarmichaelSandbar CirSummary and Details
2205/28/77South Sacramento4th ParkwaySummary and Details
2309/06/77StocktonNorth Portage CirSummary and Details
2410/01/77Rancho CordovaTuolumne DrSummary and Details
2510/21/77Foothill FarmsGolden Run AveSummary and Details
2610/29/77SacramentoWoodson AveSummary and Details
2711/10/77SacramentoLa Riviera DrSummary and Details
2812/02/77Foothill FarmsRevelstok DrSummary and Details
2901/28/78SacramentoCollege View WySummary and Details
NA02/02/78Rancho CordovaLa Alegria Dr
3003/18/78StocktonMeadow AveSummary and Details
3104/14/78South SacramentoCasilada WySummary and Details
3206/05/78ModestoFuschia LnSummary and Details
3306/07/78DavisWake Forest DrSummary and Details
3406/23/78ModestoGrand Prix DrSummary and Details
3506/24/78DavisRivendell LnSummary and Details
3607/06/78DavisAmador AveSummary and Details
3710/07/78ConcordBelann CtSummary and Details
3810/13/78ConcordRyan RdSummary and Details
3910/28/78San RamonMontclair PlSummary and Details
4011/04/78San JoseHavenwood DrSummary and Details
4112/02/78San JoseKesey LnSummary and Details
4212/09/78DanvilleLiberta CtSummary and Details
NA12/18/78San RamonThunderbird Pl
4303/20/79Rancho CordovaFilmore LnSummary and Details
4404/05/79FremontHonda WySummary and Details
4506/02/79Walnut CreekEl Divisadero AveSummary and Details
4606/11/79DanvilleAllegheny DrSummary and Details
4706/25/79Walnut CreekSan Pedro CtSummary and Details
4807/05/79DanvilleSycamore Hill CtSummary and Details
ONS110/01/79GoletaQueen Ann LnSummary and Details
ONS212/30/79GoletaAvenida PequenaSummary and Details
ONS303/13/80VenturaHighpoint DrSummary and Details
ONS408/18/80Dana PointCockleshell DrSummary and Details
ONS502/05/81IrvineColumbusSummary and Details
ONS607/27/81GoletaToltec WySummary and Details
ONS705/04/86IrvineEncinaSummary and Details


  • Attack #6: El Segundo Dr: There is some understandable confusion regarding this address. On page 125 of Sudden Terror, it says "Meet the victim at LaLoma Drive." The investigators did indeed meet the victim at La Loma drive, at the home of the victim's friend's house. The victim had been discovered by a friend, and the friend promptly took her to her own residence to get cleaned up and to call the police. The victim lived on El Segundo, and that's where the assault happened.

  • Attack #31: Casilada Way: The victim lived on Piedmont, and she was babysitting on Casilada Way when she was attacked. This has been confusing even for investigators who weren't on the scene but have looked back at the attack. Property records, phone book records, and reports from the jurisdiction who went back and did geographical survey work on attack sites confirm that the attack happened on Casilada Way.

  • Attack #34: Grand Prix Dr: It's been pointed out that many of the streets in the area, including this one, did not exist on some 1978 maps. The house where the attack took place was completed in late March 1978, and the other houses in the area were recently constructed or were still under construction (which is why some maps didn't show all of them). The couple lived in one of the only finished houses on the block, and had only been living there since April. A mysterious man was dropped off by a cab about fifty feet to the west of the Sylvan and Coffee intersection. This man walked northward across a vacant field, essentially straight in the direction of the attack house. It's beleived that this may have been the offender.

A few other geographical points that need clarification:

  • Attack #9: Canal Walk: The path that the offender took the victim from her house and into the creekbed can be confusing to those viewing the area from a modern lens. The best summary of this actually comes from DBW, a researcher whose girlfriend lived on the street at the time and who has researched the attack extensively through primary sources and other resources:

    He led here from the house at the corner of Greenleaf and Sea Shell Court (house fronted Greenleaf and had a Greenleaf address) into their backyard, stepped over a short rail-type fence (maybe two feet tall) into the neighbor's back yard, and a short distance to the cement-lined creek bed. He actually took her under the bridge and a ways WEST of Dewey where there were houses on either side of the creek. However, most of these houses had back fences and house owners paid little attention to the creek itself as there were often kids and others moving through there. The creeksides themselves were pretty overgrown at the time as well. The area where the creek turns north on the East wide of Dewey drive, while being open fields, was actually much more visible from a pretty heavily traveled Dewey Drive than ducking under the bridge. The water was quite shallow, only a few inches in most places unless it was raining, and did not cover the entire creek bed in most places. It was a bit more heavy in vegetation along the banks on the other side of the Dewey Dr. bridge, but not overly so, with an occasional tree (the willow tree where he took the victim, for example).

    It was possible to go under the bridge without crawling, but one would have to bend over. The victims jeans were (besides being ruined by being cut off of her with a knife) very damaged in the knees and she was pretty scraped and cut from being dragged down some portions of the cement creek bed - he was NOT gentle by any means. The willow tree was on the other side of Dewey Drive from her house. Going under the bridge on Dewey was actually a less visible route than going the other direction because the creek takes a sharp turn and runs parallel to, and is quite visible from, Dewey Drive.

  • Attack #35: Bloodhound Trail: It's been confirmed through police reports and by two interviews of officers at the scene that the bloodhound trail did indeed lead from Rivendell Ln to a corner of the UC Davis airport. It's one of the longer escapes on foot (assuming he was on foot) that the offender undertook, but there were longer ones (the Harrington murders, for instance). The place where the trail ended did not seem to indicate that he boarded a plane. It was a place perfectly conducive to hiding a vehicle. Had he boarded a plane, it's likely that the trail would've led elsewhere on the property, unless he took his car to a different part of the airport.

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