East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker / Golden State Killer

Victims of the Golden State Killer


Tribute to Robert Offerman and Debra Manning

Around this time, on this very night 38 years ago, the EAR/GSK began laying siege to Goleta, California. The night ended with the murder of Dr. Robert Offerman and Dr. Debra Manning.

Information about EAR/GSK Ligatures

Information was posted today about the types of ligatures the East Area Rapist used, the origins of the ligatures, and other background summary information (like labratory findings, whether they were new or used, etc).

Complete List/Info on Phone Calls where the EAR/GSK Spoke

While silent "hang-up" phone calls were a common part of the EAR's MO, over the years, quite a few phone calls have been attributed to the offender where he actually spoke. This page gives information on every known phone call.

Visalia Ransacker Incident Chart: Prowlings vs Ransackings over time

The Visalia Ransacker, an offender who may or may not be related to the East Area Rapist, left us clues in around 175 incidents. What can we learn from the timing?

Confirmed List of Attacks with Cities and Streets

The official, confirmed list of EARONS attack locations taken straight from Law Enforcement and rigorously fact-checked through property records, police reports, phone records, etc.

New Interview with Kat Winters

I discuss the book, some of the things that surprised me while doing the research, and where I see this case going.

The Home Invaders - Inspiration for EAR/GSK?

User "Any of N" brought a book to my attention that might have provided some tips or inspiration to a young EAR. Thanks for a "generous benefactor" who obtained me a copy, we can explore the possibility of that theory.

New Book Released!

At long last, our book on the case is out. Pick your copy up in paperback or Kindle format today at this link: Case Files of the East Area Rapist / Golden State Killer.

EARONS Information

New to the Case?

It's hard to imagine that one of the most prolific criminals of all time is so unknown in popular culture. Thankfully, that has been changing, and as the EARONS gains in noteriety, folks who stumble across this site will need an introduction to the case to make the most of their research and interest. This section will provide you with what you need to get going.

The Attacks

The heart of this case is the attack descriptions and the evidence left behind. This section goes through each and every assault and lays out all of the known the facts. Speculation and theorizing is completely absent from these attack descriptions, and source material for the facts are notated.

Comprehensive Timeline

This timeline compiles every attack, sighting, vehicle description, and phone call. It also provides functionality that allows you to filter down by event type or associated attack.


Every composite, news article, and relevant material that I can find pertaining to this case gets placed in this section, along with functionality that allows you to filter by type or associated attack.


This massive mapping project, created by Masootz, contains nearly 250 data points related to the EARONS crimes.


This is where we dive deep into the various pieces of evidence, such as the composites, sightings, vehicles, phone calls, geography, MO, and other fascinating and important aspects of the case. All of the available facts pertaining to each topic is assembled, and then various explanations, ideas, and theories are offered.

Contact Info

Contact information for the FBI, the relevant law enforcement jurisdictions, and for the webmaster.


If you have a tip that could lead to the offender's capture, please contact the FBI. Questions, comments, information, ideas, or other tips can be sent to us using the form below, or by emailing coldcase.earons@gmail.com

Highlights and Special Features

Feature: Physical Evidence

Learn how DNA, paint, shoe size, and the perpetrator's non-secretor status help tie these crimes together.

Feature: Attack Locations

A complete list of confirmed EARONS attacks, straight from Law Enforcement.

Feature: Map

Over 250 EARONS data points for you to explore.

Feature: Library

Articles and composites. Filter controls let you sort through the information easily.

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